Animation Beyond Animation #paf2015


Animation as the unifying principle of our experience within our perception of the moving image will be analysed through contemporary art, experimental film and undercurrents of cinematography. The programme offers presentations, screenings and a number of extraordinary performances on the boundary between live spatial animation, concert and 3D installation. A significant guest of the section is Malawi-born artist and filmmaker Samson Kambalu, who participated in the Venice Biennial 2015.

Guests:Samson Kambalu (MW/UK), Lotic (US), Pedro Maia (PT), Takashi Makino (JP), Greg Pope (UK), Michal Pustějovský (CZ), TCF (NO), Vessel (UK) ad.


Samson Kambalu for The One Minutes: Nyau Cinema

screening, introduction – Samson Kambalu

The One Minutes introduces twenty two one-minute videos made in accordance with Nyau Cinema rules. The concept of a special format of short film as a playful site-specific performance, on the principle of situationistic detournement was invented and developed by the Malawian conceptual artist and writer Samson Kambalu. He is the curator of the block which he will introduce in person at PAF.

The screening was held as part of the Festivals of Live Cinema project activities.


Samson Kambalu (MW/GB): Nyau Cinema


Samson Kambalu is a conceptual artist, performer and writer from Malawi, Africa. His most famous art works include Holly Ball (2000) – a soccer ball plastered with pages from the Bible that challenges the audience to exercise and exorcise, and a concept of short, spontaneous performances films-performances, Nyau Cinema.


The talk was held as part of the Festivals of Live Cinema project activities.


Samson Kambalu  (MW/GB): Unbearable Lightness of Nyau Cinema

vernissage - curator – Marie Meixnerová

An authorial selection of films made in accordance with Nyau Cinema. In the same way as Nyau films communicate with their audience and challenge them to actively participate, their installations communicate with the specific space for which they are intended. Nyau films break down the stereotype of temporal and spatial experience with film: they intentionally move away from the western perception of time and deviate from the linearity of contemporary narrative film.


 Part of the Festivals of Live Cinema project activities

Michal Pustějovský: Generated Image


The presentation of Michal Pustějovský’s art work will take place before the premiere of the joint project with the Berlin musician Lotic. In his kinetic and light installations, the artist reveals the relationships of motion, light, substance and space.



The presentation was held as part of the Festivals of Live Cinema project activities.



Greg Pope (GB) & Salvia (CZ): Stone Horizon

AV performance

Live cinematographic performance by the British filmmaker Greg Pope in cooperation with Czech artists Veronika Vlková and Kateřina Koutná. Material and shots for the art work were collected in 2015, during a stay in Iceland and in the Czech Republic.



The performance was held as part of the Festivals of Live Cinema project activities.

 Vessel (GB) & Pedro Maia (PT)

AV performance

The musician Vessel from Bristol and the filmmaker Pedro Maia from Portugal, will continue their cooperation, which is linked to the record Punish, Honey (Tri Angle, 2014), with their audio-visual performance at PAF. Maia’s moving images intensify Vessel’s rhythmically arousing distress over sounds not only in their common video clips, but mainly in the series of live performances.

The AV performance was held as part of the Festivals of Live Cinema project activities.

Takashi Makino (JP): Space Noise 3D

AV performance

The Japanese filmmaker Takashi Makino will introduce a performance which is built on the combination and mingling of an image flow from 16mm projector and from a video projector. The attempt to make the image physically present before it “touches” the screen is spreads through the whole noise performance, during which the author also creates sound. The audience watches the resulting image using 3D glasses.


Something Somewhere (with Something)

lecture – Tomáš Pospiszyl 

Film and its language have permeated the culture of the 20th century. But how can this general statement be applied to actual cultural artefacts and be used for their interpretation? Tomáš Pospiszyl’s lecture will concentrate on the collages of Jiří Kolář from the turn of the 1940s and asks the question: is the internet the film of the 21st century?


Lotic (US) & Michal Pustějovský (CZ)

AV performance

Lotic’s sound structures occur somewhere on the boundaries between chaos and harmony. The contrast between these two states is becoming a major denominator. His music is full of tension and fragile emotions. Without any exaggeration it may be said that Lotic is one of the most significant talents of the contemporary electronic club scene. In Olomouc he will introduce his current record Agitations (Janus Berlin, 2015). 

The AV performance was held as part of the Festivals of Live Cinema project activities.

 Greg Pope (GB): The Shadow Trap


Greg Pope deals with performative approaches in the sphere of live cinema. He currently works in Oslo; his film creations include work with various technologies and materials. In his presentation Pope will introduce his experimental films which originated on 35 mm film and other materials.



The talk was held as part of the Festivals of Live Cinema project activities.

Lars TCF Holdhus (NO): 40 FC 4A 83 F9 BD A8 30 3F F2 33 C3 0B 5E 34 50 04 9C D9 4C 93 59 BE 6D 2E 36 D6 B3 9A D7 34 39

AV performance

The presentation of an artistic creation which transforms into a composition intended for a baroque chapel. Unpredictably flowing ambient areas meet abstract rhythmical structures and thus they form impressive sonic landscapes full of surprising moments and sound coincidences. This randomness proceeds from Holdhus’ fascination with encryption and computer algorithms (e.g. the name of each track is composed of a row of numbers and letters.)



The presentation was held as part of the Festivals of Live Cinema project activities

 Takashi Makino (JP): Film

presentation – Takashi Makino

Takashi Makino lives in Tokyo, but studied in the Quay Studio, London. In a creative way he ranges between exhibition environments and film and music festivals. In his work he often combines classical film technologies with digital technologies. Besides his own sound production, he frequently cooperates with the American musician and producer Jim O’Rourke and the Dutch artist Machinefabriek.


>>>  part of the Festivals of Live Cinema project activities

 Pedro Maia (PT): Imperfect Film


The Portuguese filmmaker and visual artist cooperates with many musicians from various genres. He is a member of a younger generation of artists who consciously follow the tradition of expanded cinema and develop the aesthetic as well as technological “heritage” of classical film methods, while working with either 16mm or 8mm material.

Stanislav Abrahám: Shapescapes & Spectral Scenery

AV performance

During the live performance, the artist and musician Stanislav Abrahám will introduce his latest record Shapescapes which originated by combining synthetic sounds and ground records. The second part of the performance is represented by the audio-visual project Spectral Scenery, based on the system, which is programmed by the author, of oscillating loops of sound and image. 

Jonathan Monaghan (US): Escape Pod
3.–6. 12. 2015 | | Attic Gallery


Jonathan Monaghan is inspired by the mythology of hunting which is linked with Greek and Nordic traditions. Animation occurs in one shot while watching a golden stag move through various environments connected with the veneer of Western civilisation.

Marq Delong & Lumír Nykl: SANDBOX FRONTEX LITANY


The philosophically-enchanting method established by Ian Bogost is interpreted as a “list, or a group of items loosely joint not by logic or power or use but by the gentle knot of the comma.” A simple list of objects should attract our attention more carefully – a dialogue between Lumír Nykl and Marq Delong will be dedicated to the installation of the same name.

James a John Whitney: Screening I.

screening, presentation – Martin Čihák

The work of the Whitney Brothers will be introduced by the historian of film avant-garde and morphologist of montage structure, Martin Čihák. The films by John and James Whitney are examples of the so called absolute film, in which the camera and the film strip are the media for capturing the abstract world created in front of the film camera and captured by it.

The lecture and screening was held as part of the Festivals of Live Cinema project activities.

Jonathan Monaghan (US): Animated Worlds


The American animator and visual artist uses computer animation in order to further develop the links between the moving image and physically existing objects. The selection of videos is composed of probes into Jonathan Monagan’s myth-poetic world which is often derived from transformations of luxury premises and modified symbolism connected with demonstrations of power.

Jonathan Monaghan (US): Architecture of Fantasy


Architecture of Fanstasy is the title of the presentation during which the author reveals more detailed inspirational resources and methods of work. The central theme is the link between animation and successively emerging 3D objects. Through animation motifs with elements of baroque and rococo ornamentation will be transformed from the inner world into physically existing objects made from precious materials.

James and John Whitney: Screening II

screening, presentation – Martin Čihák

The first films by the Whitney Brothers were variations and permutations for simple shapes and their compositions within an image, accompanied by synthetic sound. John Whitney occupied himself with the construction of mechanical animation tools. Around 1957, he bought part of an old discarded anti-aircraft cannon M-5, including its control unit, and re-created it on the mechanical analogue pre-computer, which enabled programmed animation shooting.

The screening was held as part of the Festivals of Live Cinema project activities.

Jonáš Gruska (SK): A Set

audio performance

The Slovak experimental musician Jonáš Gruska deals with sound on many levels: physical, psychoacoustic as well as compositional. For ten years he has mostly been working in the sphere of electronic music; currently using self-made hardware and software. He draws inspiration from traditional folk music from various parts of the world, as well as from recordings of insects and aquatic animals. Besides performances he is involved in ground recording, owning the publishing house LOM and manufacturing musical instruments.

Martin Arnold (AT): Black Holes


The Austrian artist Martin Arnold premiered his “animation beyond animation”, Soft Palate, at PAF in 2010. Since then his loose series of short animations derived from the Disney cartoons’ anatomies have expanded into larger numbers and Arnold has become involved in the exploration of questions concerning the subconscious perception of phenomena that can be found in black holes and in the blinks of Pluto and Mickey. This year, he has issued a thematically related publication titled Gross Anatomies.



The lecture was held as part of the Festivals of Live Cinema project activities.


presentation – Ján Šicko & Jonatán Pastirčák

PLAIN is the new audio-visual project of Jonatán Pastirčák  and Ján Šicko, in which they create an electro-acoustic spatial landscape in real time. The viewer becomes part of this scene – he/she can either actively perceive it from various points of view or drift through audio-visual impulses. Therefore this experience is individual for each member of the audience.



The lecture was held as part of the Festivals of Live Cinema project activities.

 Josef Bolf: Heavy Planet


The work of Josef Bolf can be approached via his engaging drawings and paintings. At PAF, he will present five of his videos that, in various incarnations, have been shown in his exhibitions over the past five years. The videos incorporate motifs of performance, radio plays and classic puppet films, and are part of Bolf’s world of paintings. They share various features of animation and tales of inside stories.


AV performance

PLAIN is a new audio-visual project by Jonatán Pastirčák and Ján Šicko, a real-time audio-visual spatial landscape. The viewer becomes part of the set-up, actively perceiving the scene from different angles and just letting themselves be taken by the flow of the audio-visual impulses. The experience thus become an individual one for each viewer.


The performance was held as part of the Festivals of Live Cinema project activities.

Animation Workshop with Edita Plicková II


The workshop is intended for children older than 9, their older siblings, parents and grandparents, and to all of those who want to draw motion as it used to be done in the Wild 1960s.





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